Institute of Social Sciences



For the Attention of Our Graduate Students:

Our students who enrolled in the Academic Year 2019 – 2020 must select their project and thesis advisors via information system between 08.11.2019 and 26.01.2020. They must make their preference lists of three thesis advisors they select through the application part of the information system. The Head of relevant departments assigns a thesis advisor out of the students’ preference lists based on the importance level of advisors in consideration with quotas for faculty members, fields of study, etc. In addition, the Head has the authority to assign an advisor ex officio if the quotas for advisors preferred are not available.

Students can select their thesis advisors from among the faculty members of our University. Our visiting faculty members cannot be assigned as thesis advisors. However, they can be assigned as project advisors.

Form entries for suggestions on project and thesis topics will be available in the Spring Term.

To carry out graduation procedures after the education period at our University, the current project/thesis topic determined by the students and the advisors must be the same as the topic approved by the Administrative Board.

Respectfully yours,

Administration of Institute of Graduate Studies